"We Treat” Fractional Clinic

A healthcare model where innovation thrives, and patients benefit from cutting-edge regenerative therapies with ease. The "WeTreat Clinic," is a pioneering concept that is tailored to the world of healthcare and regenerative medicine.

The WeTreat Clinic Experience

The WeTreat Clinic represents a dynamic ecosystem designed to expedite the deployment of novel regenerative medicine therapies. Our vision is to seamlessly bridge the gap between groundbreaking discoveries in regenerative medicine and their real-world application in patient care. The WeTreat Clinic aims to revolutionize healthcare by creating an environment where physicians, researchers, and innovators collaborate harmoniously.

Innovation Hub

WeTreat Clinic acts as a nucleus for innovation in regenerative medicine. It provides state-of-the-art medical facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and collaborative spaces where physicians can develop, refine, and deploy novel therapies.

Regulatory Expertise

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape in healthcare can be challenging. WeTreat Clinic offers regulatory experts who guide therapies through the necessary approvals and compliance processes, ensuring a smooth transition from the lab to the patient's bedside.

Collaboration and Networking

Similar to the WeWork concept, WeTreat Clinic encourages collaboration and networking among physicians, researchers, and entrepreneurs. This collaborative spirit fosters the exchange of ideas and expertise, propelling the regenerative medicine field forward.

Patient-Centric Care

At the core of WeTreat Clinic is a commitment to patient-centric care. Our healthcare providers are dedicated to delivering the most advanced regenerative therapies to patients, ensuring they have access to cutting-edge treatments for various medical conditions.

Why WeTreat Clinic?

WeTreat Clinic is poised to reshape the landscape of regenerative medicine. By providing an integrated ecosystem that nurtures innovation, supports regulatory compliance, and ensures the highest quality in manufacturing and patient care, we are paving the way for the next generation of regenerative therapies. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare at Pristine Regenerative Nexus’ WeTreat Clinic.


WeTreat Clinic streamlines the entire process of developing, testing, and commercializing regenerative therapies, reducing time-to-market and costs.


We have a team of experienced professionals in regenerative medicine, from researchers to regulatory experts, ensuring that therapies meet the highest standards.

Networking Opportunities

Our ecosystem creates opportunities for networking and collaboration, driving innovation in regenerative medicine.

Patient Benefits

Patients gain access to groundbreaking therapies that can potentially transform their lives and health outcomes.

Pioneering Regenerative and Conventional Medicine Since 2013

PRN / GARM Facility Founded in 2013 and Treating patients with Regenerative and Conventional Medicine since 2014

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A Decade of Pioneering Excellence in Regenerative Medicine

Founded by Glenn C. Terry, M.D., a U.S. Board Certified Orthopedic SurgeonHeather Terry, CEO
Head Physician, U.S. Olympic Committee, Olympic Festival, CA
U.S. Olympic Committee Drug Control, Crew Chief Certification, CO,
U.S. Olympic Committee Team Physician, U.S. Olympic Team, Barcelona, Spain,
Head Physician, Athlete Care, World University Games, Buffalo, NY
ACOG Committee for Medical Care, Atlanta Olympics, Head of Athlete Care Manual for all Venues, Atlanta Olympic Games,
Head Physician, Athlete Care, Atlanta Olympic Trials, Track and Field Venue, Atlanta
Head Physician, Athlete Care, Olympic Stadium, Atlanta, GA
SEATA - Southern Athletic Trainers Association,
Sports Physician of the Year

Published Articles in Prestigious, Peer Reviewed Journals
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Leading the Way in Regenerative Medicine

GARM Staff boasts three MDs, and several affiliate MDs from U.S., Central America, and South America
Patient outcomes across all regen med treatments = ~89% positive outcome
Patient satisfaction = 98%Conducts Clinical Studies, Trials, and Medical Investigations for Manufacturers and other Investigators

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